What we do

We know how important it is to love where you live. We know how frustrating it can be to see awesome spaces popping up all over your Instagram and Pinterest feeds and not know how in the hell these picture-perfect rooms come together. We know you’re not scared of a little hard work and some paint under your nails but you need some guidance on the specifics. That’s what we do. Here at Nest Refresh, we act as your design guide by deciphering your needs, style preferences, and deep dark design wishes and then we provide you with a solid plan of action to create a Nest that feels like home.

  • Custom Floor Plans
  • Idea Boards
  • 3D Focal Point Plan
  • Shopping Wingman
  • Access to DIY Tutorials

1. Our Mission

Nest Refresh is committed to taking a fresh, creative, and reclaimed approach to interior design in order to meet the needs of the enthusiastic and budget-concious homeowner and provide the guidance needed to create a space that feels like home.

2. Our Goal

Our goal is to provide expert guidance to allow every homeowner the opportunity to come home to a unique, refreshing, functional space they can feel proud of. 

3. Our People

Cate Rawson is the lead designer and creative force behind Nest Refresh. Cate has a history of compulsively creating and has showcased her work on blogs and websites for years. She also believes in learning and teaches valuable design and art skills to aspiring DIY-ers online and in person. Nest Refresh was started as a way to bring all of Cate’s passions (love of design, unique decor and art, DIY, beautiful things and spaces, and teaching) all together in one wonderful place.

Cate is a mother of 3 from Houston, Texas and understands how important it is to live in a refreshing, comfortable, and functional space. She has a firm opinion that one does not have to adhere to antiquated design standards, nor do they have to spend a fortune to achieve a space they can be proud of. Repurposing, DIY, and upcycling are important to her and she has an expert eye for that diamond in the rough.


Design packages to fit your needs and budget.

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Fast Floorplans
We know you’re ready to get to
work creating a beautiful space.
You can count on us to design
your floorplan in 2 weeks or less.

Creative Ideas
Your home should reflect who
you are, so we work hard to
provide creative ideas that you
can implement right away.

Super Savings
Life is expensive these days
so we will help you save cash
while creating a unique space
that looks like a million bucks.