10 Kitchen Trends for 2020 that Resonate

As we all spend more time indoors, the kitchen has become the hub of the home in a way like we’ve never seen before. Whether you are cooking your way through Rachel Ray’s collection or simply splaying out your Door Dash orders on the reg, doing so in a beautiful, functional space will help ease the stresses of this work-from-home life.

We have searched around, asked the experts, and come up with our favorite kitchen design trends for the year to date. Check them out and let us know which ideas you’re digging as you dig into that bag of Cheezits for the 13th time today.

1. Going DARK.

by Jim Johnson and Mark Robert
by The Nate Show
by De Vol

Freshly painted white and cream cabinetry has been shining on for years, especially with the rise of Farmhouse decor. Nothing against the classic white kitchen, there will always be a special place in our hearts for it, but in 2020 things are feeling a tad moodier and it shows. Dark painted kitchens and cabinetry are surfacing all over the design world as “Maximalism” gains on minimalism and color and pattern ignite the stark spaces of the past. Perhaps we are all feeling the need for some cozyness as we weather the storm that is 2020. Painting a kitchen dark will envelop you like a knit blanket while you sip your morning coffee.

2. Walls up.

by Natali Arch
by Scott Frances
by Nest Refresh

As more and more people are living, working, and schooling amongst their family members or roommates at home, the love affair with the “open concept” home is beginning to wane. It is proving difficult for multiple people to share a space, all while doing different tasks and (literal) walls are beginning to go up, providing privacy, quiet, and separation. This need for zoned spaces is evident in 2020 kitchen design where kitchens are being walled off from the other living and work areas. This includes dining rooms as the need to host dinners is declining and the space is being reconfigured for home office use.

3. Stylish sinks.

Sinks are possibly the hardest working spaces in a kitchen. But in 2020, that doesn’t mean they have to be plain and solely utilitarian. As kitchens become more “lived in” the design aesthetic has become more important and details, like accent metals and fixtures, matter, all the way down to the sink. Noticeably, gold sinks are replacing the standard stainless steel as well as other metal finishes like copper and matte black. Also, sinks with bells and whistles are being sold more than ever before, with added features like chopping tops, strainers, special drain stoppers, likely due to the increased activity and use of our home kitchen spaces.

4. Curated decor.

by One Kings Lane
by Alyssa Rosenheck
by Bigger Than the Rest of Us

As said previously, with the increased time spent in our home kitchens, they are becoming a main living space in our homes. So naturally, pulling in decor items that create an atmosphere akin to a living room or study seems to be completely understandable. Adorned with art, books, sculptures, plants, and trinkets or collections, kitchen shelving has evolved to hold ever so much more than the mere dish or two. Learn from the pros, and pull in a beautiful mirror or piece of art that hasn’t found a place elsewhere and you’ll be amazed at how at home you will begin to feel in this workspace.

5. Simplified cabinetry.

by Julia Robbs
by Michael Koh Morollo
by Joe Fletcher

One area in which the kitchens of 2020 are sticking to the minimalist ideology is when it comes to cabinetry. Streamlined panels without moulding or frames are being seen making their way above designs of the past. Going handleless is becoming more popular as inner push-pop latches and slow-close hinges are being installed in their place.

6. Seeing double.

by JWH Design
by Brooke Wagner Design
by Graniterra

As kitchens become the ultimate workhorse of the home, one measly island is apparently not cutting it anymore. Double islands are starting to make an appearance in home remodels offering an abundance of work and eating space. This is somewhat a replacement of a dining room (as dining rooms are being converted to office and homework areas) and having a separate island for eating is a logical choice. This being said, a dual island kitchen works best in an “open concept” home, where there is plenty of room and no obstructions from the living area.

7. Stone age.

by GAIA Stone Gallery
by Studio Ashby

With all this time indoors, designers and homeowners are finding ways to bring the outside in, creating a holistic atmosphere where nature feels present even in a highrise apartment. One way they are doing this is through the hard surfaces in our kitchens. In 2020 we have seen SO MUCH STONE being incorporated, bringing in warmth and motion through the natural patterns and textures it offers. Excitingly, marble has been stealing the show, and the busier the better, balancing out the clean no-fuss lines of the cabinetry that surrounds it.

8. Into the woods.

by Nam Dang-Mitchell
by MIH Design
by BK Design

Although we are still seeing plenty of painted cabinetry, particularly as it tends to be the most cost-effective option for the budget-conscious renovator, surprisingly wood is making a humble comeback. Experts in the psychology of design posit that this is because, as mentioned above, homeowners are aching for the outdoors and using wood and other natural materials in our homes help us feel grounded and one with nature. Particularly light woods like ash, with lots of warmth and subtle woodgrains, are becoming the favorite among designers.

9. Color pop.

by Lynn K. Leonidas
by Laurel Bern Interiors
by Magnet
by BHG

Along with the need for clean and functional spaces, surprising pops of color help liven up our 2020 kitchens and add unique character that is all our own. There are countless places to plop down some color in a kitchen from backsplashes to appliances to cabinets to wall colors. Predictably, this trend leads us to believe that homeowners are finding it very important to customize their spaces creating homes that are suited to them specifically. Don’t forget the ceiling, as that is another area that is trending toward color in 2020.

10. Create connection.

Though a little vague in the title, creating connection is a huge trend in kitchen design this year. “Smart kitchens” are now a thing with integrated features and devices built-in from the ground up or with special plug-in options for existing kitchen layouts. It is now possible to connect the fridge, lights, oven, dishwasher, tv, etc. all to an app on your phone. Another completely unrelated way “connection” is happening in kitchens is by installing glass doors and windows that throw light and breeze through the kitchen and connect the indoors with the outdoors. People are replacing their small and dingy above sink windows with huge picture windows that span a wall. Just another indication of how stuck we all are feeling and how important nature is to our overall health and well-being.

by Design Harmony

We hope these trends inspire you in your kitchen renovation. If you need help incorporating these or any other ideas into your kitchen or room design, contact us today to get started on a custom plan that works for you.

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