5 Impressions Your Entryway is Giving Off

Ah the entryway. We all have them. Even if yours is small and barely there, you have one. Its like the mouth of the home. Its the tiny room-like opening through your front door that imprints the very first impression upon a visitor. Like a warm smile it can say, “Hey! I’m genuinely happy you’re here! And I’m going to be open and inviting and comfortable for you during our interaction!”. Or it can say something totally, cringingly different.

So what, my friend, is your entryway saying about you? What impression is your House-Mouth giving your visitors? Read on, and see if you can spot yours below in one of the 5 Impressions Your Entryway is Giving Off.


1: The Resting Bitch Face (RBF) entryway:
Even “at rest” it looks judgy and hostile. It should have some kind of disclaimer on display; “May not accurately reflect those living here”. The area deters visitors by making them feel uncomfortable and like they aren’t worthy to grace the pristine marble floors with their imperfect pedicures and bargain-bin flip-flops.

2: The Manic Panic entryway:
Like Kanye kickin it with TMZ, no one can tell what the hell is going on here. The clothes and shoes strewn about suggest a closet perhaps? Wait, nope, there are rollerblades and a bike under there, and is that a lacrosse stick? So maybe a garage? But what is that? A laundry basket full of blankets, oh ok, its a laundry room…??? Visitors don’t know whether they should start folding, or call your therapist.

3. The IDGAF entryway:
Basically an exaggerated eye roll and lazy sigh, there’s nothing to suggest that any care or thought was put into this space. A paper bag from Whole Foods sits as a catch-all by the door and one solitary piece of confusing “ironic” art hangs on the wall. The light above dangles lifeless, for the bulb went out ages ago. But don’t worry, the glob of Christmas lights in the corner still works. Visitors will know immediately upon entry to lower their expectations.

4. The Eager Beaver entryway:
Pretty much the sibling-rival of IDGAF, this space wants to make mama proud. But in the effort to prove that it is nothing like its older sis, boy does it overshoot the mark. Full of ALL the latest decor trends, this entryway is just a Pinterest explosion, anxiously awaiting approval. Visitors will not know what to compliment first, the list is soooo long, and because EVERYTHING is a feature, nothing is..

5. The Overjoyed and Overrun entryway:
Who runs the world? Kids. That’s really how Beyonce should’ve sung it. Anyone who has them knows, they can and will take over any space they’re in. And man, the evidence is clear. Toys, ride-ons, shoes, jackets, books, macaroni art, homework, backpacks, sippy cups, photos from infancy on… this place is packed with it all. Visitors will wonder if they’ve stepped into Neverland and may call CPS for fear that the supervising adult has been hog-tied with Barbie hair and is locked in the playhouse.

Sounds like a hot-mess right? These less-than-desireable impressions smack your guests in the face before the door closes behind them.

Alright I tease, I tease… but for real,
don’t despair if you find your entryway fits some of the characteristics listed above. Honestly, we could find a tinge of these in even the most expertly thought-out entries. So no worries! Sleek and chic can still feel welcoming and warm. Multi-use spaces are just SMART, and a must in most of our homes. A cool, carefree space can still look put-together. Showcasing your favorite trendy decor is FINE in doses. And a family home SHOULD look like a kid-friendly place. Phew! So stop, blow that match out, we can help. We can bridge the gap between the impression your entryway is giving and the impression you WANT it to give. Just contact us and we will whip it into shape in no time. Your visitors will never want to leave. 🙂

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