Your interior design wingman.

You have the will, we will show you the way.

Your Nest Refresh designer is your most helpful “wingman” along your quest to find the perfect room design for you.

The process is simple, contact Nest Refresh and set up a phone or e-mail consultation. This quick meeting will help us determine what level of help you’re needing, the timeframe in which you’d like your project completed. and which Design Package option will fit best.

Your designer will then send you a Contract with your set fee for you to sign. Once that is signed and recieved by Nest Refresh, you will be sent your Wingman Packet. This includes a Questionnaire, Measuring Guidelines, and Before Photo Guidelines. At any point feel free to e-mail your designer if you are confused about this client homework. This is the groundwork your designer needs to help refresh your space.

There are many options we offer in helping you to get to a space that feels like home. Visit the Design Packages page or contact us to learn more.

Idea Boards

Your interior design wingman is happy to provide you with the guidance you need to get started on your room refresh. Creative, inspiring Idea Boards are one of the features we offer to get you pointed in the right direction.

Floor Plans

If you need more than your imagination can conjur, we got you covered with 3D Focal Point designs and Birds-Eye Floorplans.